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Nicotine. No I do not provide it.

Can I add nicotine to your order ?
No. Never unless the law changes.

Australian law currently does not allow the sale of or gifting of nicotine but does allow it to be imported for personal use. 

Please check with your states law before importing nicotine.

The following suppliers have proven to be reliable. 

High Quality

    Budget Quality

    • HILIQ (Hong Kong)
      This is what I use and im perfectly happy with it.

    I provide gloves, syringes and blunt needles for easy adding of nicotine which should be discarded once you have finished mixing.
    They can be found here.
    A great online calculator for adding nicotine is

    Quick Guides for users of 100mg nicotine. 

    Nicotine Mixing Sheet

    If in doubt then please contact me vie email at or on my Facebook page MorningtonVapes or click the Contact button at the bottom of the page,