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Do people really read these ?
Let's find out.

Hi everyone, I'm Gavin and this is a quick backstory of how MorningtonVapes came to be.

Well, firstly a side step about me.  
I have a problem with agoraphobia. I am one of those people who has extreme anxiety when leaving the house. I wont tell you how this condition came to be, but its been my life for the last 21 years. 
This condition made it almost impossible to both find a job and keep one. At 34 I was working at Hungry Jacks because it was nearby and they were hiring. It wasnt a high point in my life, but I was working and it felt good to be standing on my own two feet even if I did feel like an old man working along side these teenagers.

Due to horribly sedating medications and their side effects as well as the high stress of working in a fast food shop (I took my work more seriously than the managers) I had to leave after 12 months. I felt like a complete failure and had no idea how I could actually make something of myself... until vaping came along.

I had been a full time smoker from the age of 15 and by the age of 35 I had tried many, many times to quit using the traditional methods like patches, gums, and sprays. I even went as far as trying hypnotherapy. 
Nothing worked. 
In 2013 I heard of vaping.. I didnt know anything about it and at the time the only devices available were home made mechanical box mods and those small vapourisers that look like a cigarette. 
So I shelled out $100 for this cigarette lookalike with 5 cartridges and waited 2 weeks for it to arrive from overseas. 
After the first few inhales I knew that I now had a good chance of kicking the cigarettes for good. One of the big advantages is that I could use them inside without my real estate agent keeping my bond.

Friends and family became very interested and it didnt take long for us all to see the amazing benefits of vaping. The cost of smoking was always a pain, but the years of smoking had definitely taken their toll. After a few months of vaping I could smell again. I could breathe. My body didnt feel so run down.  
My friends didnt know anything about vaping and relied on me to see what was out there.. so I dug in deep and learnt what I could.  

In 2016 I was sitting with a friend and she said that she wished there was a store closer than 40 minutes drive away. I of course agreed. At this point I had been ordering products for all of my friends from China and the US and a 2 week wait was considered fast.  
Why not open my own vape store ?
Money. After living on the Disability Pension for so many years and being a smoker I was just used to not having any money. After I took up vaping I was able to put aside a small amount each week. 
It was mid 2017 when I saw that I had put aside enough money to take a chance. 
After months of cautiously sourcing wholesalers, learning the many many laws, and then convincing myself that If I didnt do this I would seriously regret it in years to come I finally took the plunge.  

(this is an ongoing document, so if you have gotten this far then 2 thumbs up to you. I hope its been a good read)
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